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Visit walawali to learn genders or Hindi nouns and keep track of your progress.

How to Learn Hindi

There are three sections in this website to help you learn Hindi. The first section is for the Hindi alphabet, the second is for Hindi grammar, and the third is for Hindi practice.

Learn the Hindi Alphabet

Before you start to learn Hindi, it is best to first learn the Hindi alphabet, also called Devanagari. All the grammar lessons are written using the Devanagari script, so you can not learn grammar from this website without first learning to read it.

Learn Hindi Grammar

When you have learned the Devanagari script and can read it, it is time to learn grammar by going through the free Hindi lessons. In each lesson, you will learn a few new vocabulary and a new grammatical point. Audio recordings of native Hindi-speakers will soon be available in the lessons. There will also be a few example sentences in both English and Hindi at the end of the lesson that utilize both the new vocabulary and the new grammar to help you practice what you learned.

Hindi Practice

Learning to speak Hindi fluently will take more than just learning all the grammatical rules. You must practice what you have learned until it you can do it without thinking about the rules. I will soon be adding helpful resources to help you learn Hindi faster. These will include Hindi stories with audio recordings, Hindi songs with lyrics, and more.