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More Rules

Learning to pronounce Hindi correctly will require a lot of practice with native Hindi-speaker. Usually, the pronunciation of words is what the spelling shows. There are a few rules and exceptions you should know.

Consonant Ending Words

When a word ends in a consonant, the inherent a sound (the vowel that doesn't have a mātraā) is not pronounced.

नाम nām

Silent Inherent Vowels

Sometimes an inherent vowel in the middle of a word is not pronounced. If a word begins with a consonant that doesn't have a mātrā, the a sound after that consonant is always pronounced. When a consonant in the middle of a word does not have a mātrā, and the following consonant does have a mātrā, then the inherent a sound is not pronounced.

दूसरा dūsrā

And finally, when a word ends in three consecutive consonants, all with no mātrā, the inherent a sound following the first of the three consonants is not pronounced.

एकदम ekdam

Words Ending in 'y'

If the last consonant in a word is 'y', and if the consonant before 'y' does not have a vowel marker, then 'y' makes the 'e' sound.

समय same

Words Ending in 'v'

If the last consonant in a word is 'v', then it often sounds like 'o'.