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Lesson 10 - Future Tense & Time

Learn how to speak about events that will happen in the future. Also learn about telling the time, date, day of the week, and month.

Future Tense

Future tense verbs in Hindi are very easy to learn. The table below shows the verb endings used with the verb जाना.

I will goमैं जाऊँगामैं जाऊँगी
you will go (informal)तू जाएगातू जाएगी
you will goतुम जाओगेतुम जाओगी
you will go (formal)आप जाएँगेआप जाएँगी
he, she, it will goवह जाएगावह जाएगी
we will goहम जाएँगेहम जाएँगी
they will goवे जाएँगेवे जाएँगी

Irregular Verbs

The verbs देना and लेना have different forms. The same verb endings above are used, but the verb roots ले and दे are what change for the future tense. ले becomes , and दे becomes . Although करना is generally irregular, in the future tense it follows the pattern in the table above.

I will give. - मैं दूँगा।

She will take. - वह लेगी।

Time of Day

When speaking of an event that will take place at a specific time, no postposition is used. The Hindi word for o'clock is बजे. When specifying times in the morning, add the Hindi word for morning - सुबह. For afternoons, add दोपहर plus में. For evenings, add शाम plus को. And for nights, add रात plus को.

X o'clock in the morning - X बजे सुबह

X o'clock in the afternoon - X बजे दोपहर में

X o'clock in the evening - X बजे शाम को

X o'clock in the night - X बजे रात को

Days of the Week, Months, and Years

When describing an event that will happen on a specific day of the week, add को. When describing events that will happen during a specific month or year, add में.

Other Important Words

When speaking of the day after tomorrow, or the day before yesterday, use परसों.

कोई, by itself, means someone. कुछ, by itself, means something. When these words are placed in front of a noun, however, कोई and कुछ becomes some. Use कुछ for plural nouns and uncountable nouns, and use कोई for singular nouns. Remember that कोई inflects to किसी when followed by a post position. कुछ never inflects.

some girl - कोई लड़की

some water - कुछ पानी

some people - कुछ लोग


morningसुबह m.afternoonदोपहर m.
eveningशाम m.nightरात f.


I will come tomorrow morning.
मैं कल सुबह आऊँगा।

She will talk to your friend on Monday.
वह सोमवार को आपके दोस्स से बात करेगी।

Will you go home in June?
क्या आप जून में घर जाएंगे?

Will you give here some books the day after tomorrow?
क्या आप परसों उसे कुछ किताबें देंगे?

I will read your book some night.
मैं आपकी किताब किसी रात को पढ़ूँगा।

He will give the book to some boys.
वह कुछ लड़कों को किताब देगा।