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Giving Commands

You will learn here how to give a commands and make requests in both formal and informal settings.

Regular Verbs

This table shows the verb endings used in making requests or giving commands. An example is provided for how you would say tell someone to sit in different situations.

Most Formalइयेगाबैठियेगा
Very Formalइयेबैठिये

Irregular Verbs

There are four very common irregular verbs that we need to consider now.

to giveदेना
to takeलेना
to doकरना
to drinkपीना

The table below shows how these verbs are used in commands.

Situationto giveto taketo doto drink
Most Formalदीजियेगालीजियेगाकीजियेगापीजियेगा
Very Formalदीजियेलीजियेकीजियेपीजिये

Negating commands

If a command is being given to not do something in the first two cases (formal), put (pronounced "na") before the verb. Don't sit. - न बैठिये। When in a casual or informal situation, put मत before the verb. Don't sit. - मत बैठो। You will sometimes hear people put मत after the verb when speaking in informal settings.

Ending with ना

When giving a command that is for some time in the future, or to show your are not being impatient, use the ना ending. This is commonly used in giving directions - Turn left or Go straight. Note that this type of command is spelled and pronounced the same way as the infinitive form of the verb.


storeदुकान f.nowअब
hereयहाँright nowअभी
tomorrow, yesterdayकलto doकरना


Come here right now.
अभी यहाँ आइये।

Go there.
वहाँ जाओ।

Go to the store tomorrow.
कल दुकान जाना।

Don't go today.
आज मत जाओ।

Give the book.
किताब दीजिये।

Don't take the vehicle today.
आज गाड़ी न लीजिये।