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Lesson 6 - Nouns, Adjectives, & Gender

In Hindi, every noun is either masculine or feminine. You will learn how to make a noun plural and how to describe a noun with an adjective.

Masculine Nouns

In each vocabulary section on this site, the gender of a noun is always denoted. When making nouns plural, it is important to know the gender. When a masculine noun ends in , change the to to make it plural. If a masculin noun does not end in , then it does not inflect (change) but stays the same.


Feminine Nouns

If a feminine noun ends in or , then to make it plural, change the ending to इयाँ. If a feminine noun does not end in or , then add एँ.



When describing things, the adjective must agree with the noun it describes in gender and number. Adjectives that end in inflect. When the noun is masculine singular, the ending of the adjective stays . If the noun is masculine plural, then the ending of the adjective changes to . If the noun is feminine (singular or plural), then the ending of the adjective changes to . When an adjective modifies a noun of mixed or unknown gender, masculine is used.

big boyबड़ा लड़काbig boysबड़े लड़के
small houseछोटा घरsmall housesछोटे घर
big girlबड़ी लड़कीbig girlsबड़ी लड़कियाँ
small pocketछोटी जेबsmall pocketsछोटी जेबें

If the adjective does not end in , it will never inflect. Here are a few examples with adjectives not ending in .

beautiful boyसुन्दर लड़का
beautiful girlसुन्दर लड़की
clean housesसाफ़ घर
clean pocketsसाफ़ जेबें

Word Order

There can be two ways to describing something. In these examples, note the differences in the meanings.

This is a big dog. - यह बड़ा कुत्ता है।

This dog is big. - यह कुत्ता बड़ा है।


boyलड़का m.shoeजूता m.
manआदमी m.houseघर m.
girlलड़की f.chairकुर्सी f.
womanमहिला f.pocketजेब f.
weatherमौसम m.how much, how manyकितना


That chair is black.
वह कुर्सी काली है।

Those men are not big.
वे आदमी बड़े नहीं हैं।

Is he a big boy?
क्या वह बड़ा लड़का है?

How are you?
आप कैसे हैं?

I am well.
मैं ठीक हूँ।

Someone is happy.
कोई खुश है।

How is the weather?
मौसम कैसा है?

How many boys sleep?
कितने लड़के सोते हैं?

She is a beautiful woman.
वह सुन्दर महिला है।

Give a big, black chair.
बड़ी, काली कुर्सी दीजिये।

Don't take the red pen.
लाल क़लम मत लो।

Those pockets are not big.
वे जेबें बड़ी नहीं हैं।