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Lesson 11 - Present Continuous Tense

Learn how to speak about events that are currently happening (e.g., I am speaking).

Using the present continuous tense in Hindi is easy. To make a verb present continuous, use only the root of the verb, plus the correct form of रहा, plus the present time marker (see Lesson 1). The table below conjugates the verb जाना into the present continuous tense.

I am goingमैं जा रहा हूँमैं जा रही हूँ
you are going (informal)तू जा रहा हैतू जा रही है
you are goingतुम जा रहे होतुम जा रही हो
you are going (formal)आप जा रहे हैंआप जा रही हैं
he, she, it is goingवह जा रहा हैवह जा रही है
we are goingहम जा रहे हैंहम जा रही हैं
they are goingवे जा रहे हैंवे जा रही हैं

Note: Just as in English, this tense can sometimes be used to talk about something that will happen in the near future (e.g., I am going to New Delhi tomorrow).

Using करना

This verb is one of the most used words in Hindi. If you can understand a few of the ways it can be used, your speaking skills will significantly improve. Often you can put करना after a noun or adjective to make it a verb. The Hindi word for help or assistance is मदद f.. So to make the verb to help, you can say मदद करना. Whenever these types of verbs are introduced in the vocabulary section, you will notice a formula to help you correctly make a complete sentence.


to washधोनाto clean XX साफ़ करना
clothकपड़ा m.to buyख़रीदना
helpमदद f.to help XX की मदद करना
useइस्तेमाल m.to use XX इस्तेमाल करना
forके लिये


I am coming right now.
मैं अभी आ रहा हूँ।

My sister is buying food.
मेरी बहन खाना ख़रीद रही है।

My mom is washing my clothes for me.
मेरी माता मेरे लिये मेरे कपड़े धो रही है।

I am using a pen.
मैं क़लम इस्तेमाल कर रहा हूँ।

She is cleaning the floor.
वह फ़र्श साफ़ कर रही है।