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Word Order

In this lesson, you will learn the basic word order in Hindi: subject - object - verb. You will be able to speak complete sentences after this lesson.

Word Order

The basic word order in Hindi is Subject - Object - Verb (S-O-V). However, since Hindi uses more inflections and cases than English, word order is somewhat less important in Hindi. Lets consider the sentence, I am Pankaj. This English word order is S-V-O. For Hindi we will change it to S-O-V.

मैं पंकज हूँ। - I Pankaj am.


In Hindi, articles (a, an, the) aren't used. Sometimes the word for the number one is used for an indefinite article. For example, instead of saying, Give me a pen, you would say, Give me one pen. It is also fine just to say, Give me pen.


dogकुत्ता m.bookकिताब f.

Note: The "m." and "f." in the table above denote the gender of a noun. Every noun is either masculine or feminine. It is very important to learn the gender when learning Hindi nouns. More on gender in Lesson 6.


He (far) is Raj.
वह राज है।

She (near) is Neetu.
यह नीतु है।

I am Amit.
मैं अमित हूँ।

You (formal) are Deepak.
आप दीपक हैं।

You (less formal) are Ravi.
तुम रवि हो।

You (informal) are Mohit
तू मोहित है।

We are people.
हम लोग हैं।

That is a dog.
वह कुत्ता है।

This is a book.
यह किताब है।